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January 1st, 2013, 11:00
Originally Posted by Mr Smiley View Post
Lots of people ardently oppose an easy mode all over the internet. I quoted you, but by "people who ardently oppose an easy mode" I meant just that, not you in particular.
It's good to know that you understand I'm not against it, but you could have made that clearer - since you used my post to quote.

What "works" for you "as an experience" does not work the same way for everybody.
If you didn't understand my argument, then I get why you don't buy it

I'm not talking about my experience - but the experience the developers intend for the players to have. That's the experience I respect more than you do.

My experience is irrelevant - and I'm not defending their approach for my own sake - but for their sake. I don't even like Dark Souls much.

But, if they can create an easy mode without changing the experience they intend for the players - then I don't mind it.

Have you read my posts? This one, for instance:
No, I haven't read your posts. I've made it clear that I've said my piece - and I have no interest in convincing people who don't agree.

But I'll give it a last go, I guess. That said, it's pretty obvious you won't "buy" it - so it's just retreading the same point for little reason. I certainly don't "buy" your argument, and until you start making sense, that won't change

Again, if it's possible to integrate an easy mode without interfering with the vision or the experience the developers intend - then I'm all for that. I doubt it's a trivial task, however, and I think they risk ruining everything. It's not about controlling the experience - but about setting a high level of demand on the player, because it's part of the vision. That doesn't mean that there aren't players out there who're so good that they won't struggle as much - or that a lot of players will struggle more. But human capacity to predict dangers without knowing what to expect is naturally limited - so the experience will be similar to everyone no matter how much you try to call it an individual thing. ALL players will struggle to an extent - and that's part of the vision of the developers. They want to enforce caution and a constant sense of danger - and they want you to evolve your skill-set within the game world, because progress is impossible without it.

That's how Dark Souls sets itself apart from mainstream games - because mainstream games are designed so a blind bat can get the full experience. The vision of mainstream games isn't one of struggle or an evolution of your skill-set unless you just want to be good at it for no reason, as you'll progress even if you suck.

I like the vision of Dark Souls, but even if I didn't - I'd defend the artist's right to create his art as he wants and not as the players might want - and Dark Souls is about as close to art as you can get in this business oriented industry.




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