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January 2nd, 2013, 00:30
Well, after a string of good Shroud runs this morning, Mirys is 1 Large Devil Scale away from a LitII Scimitar. And 3 Small Sulfurous Stones from a Tier 2 3xpos accessory. I noticed I'm only 6 Shrouds from a 20th, so I figured may as well do a SP/CHA skills item.

This means a bit of farming of the flagging quests. Specifically, 2 Ritual Sacrifices, 1 Let Sleeping Dust Lie, and 1 Running With the Devils. Larges I'm pretty close as well, so by the time I get the 6 done, I should have them, seeing as how I have 4 characters flagged again.

Beyond that, I'm close to opening up the Divine Sphere. I'll farm out the Fort tier 1 ED ability in Unyielding, then switch to Dreadnought to farm out Primal. I may go ahead and open the rest of the EDs up since it won't take that long, depending on where I'm at.

For that matter, Corwin I now have a character near Reywinnd's level, so you need to log in on occasion.
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