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January 2nd, 2013, 07:28
Hah! Yes. Perhaps I exaggerate slightly to make a point, but twas many consecutive deaths!

There are trials and tribulations to be found within this game for sure, but I think the rewards are certainly there. I'm finding it does take a slightly different mentality and approach to appreciate the "death cycle".
That said, I sense that I'm not very far into the game yet. My threshold may well need more expansion.

But c'mon JDR, you're a Gothic vet. Your skills would be up to the task!

Just smashed up the Capra Demon on my third try; twas a bit easier than the Bell Gargoyles! I also had some charcoal pine dust for better melee damage.
The key themes were:

A) Dodging and blocking his initial barrage and running for the stairs. (no target lock engaged.)
B) Kill his assistants (dogs) quickly.
C) Use the stairway as a strategic point to heal and roll left as he approaches.
D) When he drops with you, use his recovery time to do some damage.
E) Flee, use the space, back to the stairs, then rinse and repeat.
If you use the corner well enough, you can even get some free firebombs in.
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