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January 2nd, 2013, 09:41
looks like the author fancies over one more than the other.

The delusion:
As a mere courier, you are instantly aware of just how expendable you are in New Vegas. The Mojave Wasteland is almost the perfect setting, as it drives home a desperate scenario of desolation.
Reality: as a player, you are instantly aware of just how indispensable you are. Nothing advances without your bidding. The game story writing is set to give you that exceptional feeling and as such, your progress toward the completion of the story is mandatory. Failure but terminal is absent. You will reign supreme in the end.

It is the same for Skyrim. But for one reason or another, the author fancied over FO more.

The post-apocalyptic settings might be for something in the mix. After all, post apocalyptic settings are very trendy these days.
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