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January 2nd, 2013, 15:41
Originally Posted by BababooeyHTJ View Post
IDK, I've had issues in the past. I've never gotten planescape to work properly. I always run into one show stopper. BG does run on the same engine.

I just want to be able to play the game with no headache.
That's the sole reason I bought it. Not for the new NPCs or the Arena scenario, neither of which are of interest to me. I tried a couple of times to get BG to work with Tutu & the widescreen mod and the result was odd graphical glitches (the green frame around a character portrait would flicker to the point of being a distraction) if I could get it to work at all.

Hoping it is a driver issue of some sort I will probably try & play either IWD with a widescreen patch or PS:T. I've seen some players on the BG:EE forum hooting mad because they were expecting a complete graphical overhaul or loads of new content within the original campaign— for me the added content just doesn't feel right and sincerely hope there is no DLC as some fans are demanding. DLC I think would end up sucking. I kept my expectations low and have been very happy revisiting BG. After having played mainly WoW & the occasional FPS since the IE was retired I had forgotten how much fun those games were. Here's to hoping the upcoming Kickstarters (i.e. Wasteland 2, Project Eternity) and Chaos Chronicles serve as another CRPG Renaissance like BG did so long ago.

Sorry— I may have strayed a bit OT— but despite its flaws I'm really enjoying BG:EE. To the OP BG:EE does allow you to play it with no headaches assuming you do not have an on-board Intel graphics chipset. At least I have had no issues, YMMV.
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