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January 2nd, 2013, 15:51
I liked F3, but because of gameplay and content, FNV had bugs, but content and story which was far more superior to F3 places obsidian's work higher than bethesda sandbox.

I remember Morrowind - time goes and my nostalgia is growing.
I remember Oblivion - there was cool graphics, interactions with chains and bucket in prison cell - it was WOW! - but then lvl scalling, repeating everything from quests, dungeons and gates of oblivion + dull story, lack of families (which were great for immersion) and these guilds where you can accomplish everything kill kill kill and become archmage,archthief,archslasher at the same time… blah blah blah

Skyrim? well better than oblivion - but bethesda do not know how let enough flesh air to the franchise.
Thats why I am worried about F4 - wish obsidian could do it without rush
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