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January 2nd, 2013, 19:52
I'm a latecomer to the party since i started to play skyrim just before christmas ( I bought It one year ago but I've always had trouble enjoying Bethesdas games beyond the first sightseeing). Skyrim is actually the first game from B. that I've enjoyed, though I have no idea if I'm going to finish it. (I know what my wife would prefer…) Much better than oblivion but still feels a bit empty concerning NPC and followers.

Nice to hear about F3 NV on a positive note from the players here, realised that I had it on my steam library (no idea when I bought it, some sale probably got to my head..). Looking forward to it since I've enjoyed most of Obsidians writing.

Sorry for the OT and incoherent ramblings. 4 hours at IKEA and other shops with wife and 2 kids at 2,5 and 4 (I call my daughters Terrier and Bulldog) makes my head spin.

Well a glass of wine later tonight and continue the story of my imperial scout,deserter from the legion, who by means of tomb plundering, mercenary work and ingratiating himself to high society in order to create a new life.
Ok, well, maybe Skyrim got me a bit..

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