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January 2nd, 2013, 23:27
Originally Posted by sherwinz28 View Post
Just got to Eveningstar last night…first time I've seen soo much cutscene in DDO. Also that village has some real nice items. Too bad they are level 20 though. Also Insightful Bonus stacks with regular gear bonus ie: Charisma +7 will stack with insightful Charisma bonus +2 for a total of 9? No more stacking for Charisma beyond Insightful?

I've had a ton of fun in this game this last year and I wanted to thank you guys for adding me to the guild, Happy New Year!
You can find up to +8 enhancement, +3 Insight, +1 Exceptional, +5 tome, +1 Profane (one item IIRC has this, and it's a bear to get) on gear/permanent buffs. There's also store pots for +2, Yugoloth favor pots for another +2, and ship buffs for yet another +2 temporary. Notice that the Yugo potions have drawbacks, notably having to be a bad enough dude to run Shavarath quests on elite to get the favor! But they also hurt your character in some small way. Finally, the Bard song Inspire Excellence adds +2 to all stats.

These all stack. Theoretically, you can net a 51 CHA on Dwarves, Warforged, Half-Orcs, 53 CHA on Elf, Halflings, 54 on Humans and Half-elves, and 55 on Drow (functionally the same as Human and Half-Elf). Favored Souls can actually net 2 higher, but this is worthless as they do not get DCs from CHA, only spell points (which they'll have plenty of with an 8 base. I leveled such a FvS).

For STR and CON, there's actually a +3 Profane bonus, then Morale bonuses (Rage spell is +2, or Primal Scream which I think is +6), and Madstone Rage (which can double stack), STR has a +6 or +8 Psionic bonus, +6 from Titan gloves, +8 from Power Surge. Barbarian Rage also adds considerable STR. Someone once posted a 110 STR peak on the DDO forums.

Note I may be missing something obscure as well.
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