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January 2nd, 2013, 23:24
Finished. Took me 29 hours according to Steam, but it's not correct, Steam didn't count the time if my game crashed.

Did all side quests, cleared all bases and towers, collected all collectibles, left a few med, kill and hunt missions unsolved as they bring just cash and I don't need that.
Also, if you still haven't bought the game, please buy the deluxe edition, bonus missions are awsome (it's not the testing unit mission but two lost expeditions and a few missions you get from NPC named Hurk) and are worth the difference in the game cost.

This is very hard to admit but I have to. So much fun I didn't have with any other game I've played in 2012. Although Farcry3 is FPS and although I despise FPS genre, this game is simply awsome.
I've initially put 9/10 and I'll stay with it. Why not 10/10? Because of:
- uplay (well, not as annoying as in HoMM6 and Anno2070, but still that thing has to go away)
- crashes while quicktravel or while exiting the game, how's that even possible
- not bad but also not stellar music (next time they should ask Eidos Montreal to pass them a composer)
- irrelevance of XP and cash very early in the game - you max them too soon
- some minor annoyances over useless stuff like plants hypo, inability to save anywhere, lack of hide HUD option, etc
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