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January 3rd, 2013, 00:46
Yeah, he's terribly busy editing mostly irrelevant novel collections/anthologies of other people, watching NFL and soaking in the worship of his fans in the most disgusting ways possible at cons and conferences. In the meantime, his employees are busy with making critical or politely questioning posts disappear from his official page and forum. Pathetic.

Mind you, I'm in love with his work, can't stop reading it, and I appreciate his formula, but the Great Bearded Glacier has turned this franchise and literary work into something… less (for me at least, and quite a few others). Half of the shit happening after Storm of Swords is complete filling material, everyone who has some experience in writing fiction can see it plainly.

Oh and just for the record, he said a few months ago, that all things added up he now needs about 5-6 years to finish the next novel. That's just plain silly.
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