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January 3rd, 2013, 06:49
Originally Posted by Fluent View Post
Cool. I will be playing co-op with my dad which was the main reason we bought the game.

It's the Xbox 360 version though. Cheapest I could find was $17 shipped. Ebay's cheapest was $20. Digital download on Xbox Live Arcade was $20 as well and I didn't really have the hard drive space to spare.

I love me some co-op hack n' slash RPGs. I know people think these games are a dime a dozen but on consoles there really isn't a huge selection of these types of games. So I cherish every one that's out there.

Can't wait to play this one. A co-op hack n' slash loot-fest RPG in the Lord of the Rings world is almost too good to be true.
Just finished it. Took about 15 hours. Best hack n slash i've played. If you thought Daggerdale was great you are in for a real treat.

The good—

Story, voice acting, production values, gameplay and combat, character development, loot, some choice and consequences ( at least it seems as there was as I didn't replay with different choices to see what happened), companions and npc ( I really cared about what was happening to them, which is rare for me) Beleram (wait till you meet him), Secret area's and loot. I'm sure i'm forgetting some stuff but it really was a good game.

The bad—

Companion AI (shouldn't bother you much if you play co-op though), Armor sets ( nice but I never could find a complete set worth wearing), vendors were useless as the loot I found was always better except for maybe the very beginning of the game. Check points (no save anywhere, Not a big deal but if you want to quit for the night you may end up having to play another 20 min or so or forfeit your progress from last check point), could have more varied enemies but I say that about every game.

The game is hard as well, it's easy to get swarmed. you will have to learn and use all your moves to survive. You will need to block, dodge, shield bash to break enemy blocking ( it really is more than just hack n slash you need to use all you abilities to survive. This is a good thing though.

This really was a fun game and I loved the story. First game I've played in a while that I was sad to see the story end. Too bad there probably won't be a sequel.
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