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January 3rd, 2013, 13:47
Originally Posted by Dhruin View Post
I cannot understand your first two sentences.

Re Crusader Kings, I haven't played it personally, but I suspect you are playing semantic games. Is your one character not a proxy for controlling an army? Seems unlikely to me the game features one character that single-handedly conquers Europe.
A proxy for an army? in CK2, the strategy applies to improve the standing of your dynasty.

In Drox operatives, the avatar is a ship, with crew in it and you can order your allies in war, peace etc…

So you neither single handledly conquer a sector in this game, far from it.

Re your reply to Rune74, then by your own rules, Drox is an action/RPG. The primary element is action. The strategy elements are tertiary.
Strategy is primary. Combat is dull in this game.Most of the times, it consists of keeping the weapon button pressed.

What matters the most is how get your path to victory by making the most of the various assets that are available.

Action RPG is a non sensical label and one could also craft a label like action strategy. Which would not represent the game fairly as it is more about strategy then combat.

There is no role playing in this game and by far, strategy is the dominant aspect in it.
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