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January 3rd, 2013, 12:54
Originally Posted by vurt View Post
The fun in games like these are loot and to see new levels, how does a new "level" look in a game that takes place in space - a new color in the background? seems dull.
The fun in this game is that the universe operates on semi self sufficiency. You have to strategize your access to victory. Working on your stance toward the various protagonists is what makes the victory: you can go silent, bothering little and try to run out by instilling fear, you can go diplomatic, trying to ally the species (some are more likely to go along), you can trade like fast (when you do, you cant rely on a single customer as they spend their own money) Loot is secondary. You wont have time to examine your loot as the pace is fast. Most of you can do is to go for a determined developpment course and stick to the relevant looted items until victory is near enough to give you time and breathe in to look for the items.
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