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January 3rd, 2013, 14:35
Originally Posted by txa1265 View Post
It all depends on the movie and the hype Titanic is a great example. It went from 'bestest movie EVAR' to 'fetid pile of rubbish' to 'solid but overrated' over the course of years. The Matrix sequels were also over-hyped based on the first movie, and I think THAT one has suffered by the moderation of opinion on the sequels (i.e. they weren't that bad but the first wasn't as good either).
Well, I guess it has always been true to an extent. I never thought Titanic was particularly bad, I just felt the love story was nauseating

As for The Matrix - I think the first one was a true masterpiece - and I really like the second one. I don't like the third movie, however.

But I think that in movies like everything else, the death of print media and the need for clicks and some ways to generate online revenue have led to 'bought' reviews, and with public opinion you have too much 'political' stuff where some people will be giving Hobbit 10/10 based purely on it being Tolkein and Jackson and so on. THAT sort of stuff has definitely gotten worse. Also, as shown on Facebook, Amazon and Twitter opinions are for sale, and there are people making money selling '50 genuine 5 star reviews for $10' or whatever.
Sometimes, I do feel like a conspiracy nut for thinking that reviews are bought - and I sometimes feel like I'm a really old grumpy bastard for being negative when others are so positive - but my (hopefully) rational mind is ultimately what gets me to my opinions.

So, I can but stare in wonder at so many extremely overbloated scores for what I think are really, really bad movies - or average movies at best. I know some of that has to do with my age - but it can't just be that. Something IS definitely off, but I wouldn't quite know what.

Maybe I really am from another planet….




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