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January 3rd, 2013, 14:43
I'm reviewing my TWF paladin / fighter build. He is a Defender of Siberys at the moment. The reason I do that is that it seems you don't get many good bonuses form Epic Destinies for TWF. Most are for THF.

I therefore wonder if I should respec my toon and make him a THF fighter. He is human and I have to keep the race with a LR.

Are the other classes that can do great DPS with TWF, even at the end game? I have plenty of Khopeshes so I could considere using them.

An alternative is to go for a fighter build using greataxes / greatsword (stalwart defender). Then the fighter can use a Khopesh when using a sword for good defense.

What do you think? It's cheaper to respec my pally now (only 12 paladin levels) rather than waiting till level 20. I could go for a fighter 18 / pally 2 build for better saves or maybe even a pure fighter.

I know rangers are great with TWF, but I heard they are gimped as paladins in the end game. Some say the best TWF DPS comes from rogues with sneak attacks. I can always revert back to TWF later if Turbine makes it better again when they change the enhancement system. At the people say TWF is inferior to THF in the end game.

Or can a kensai TWF fighter build compete with a THF build? Can you use cleave and greater cleave if TWF? I would like to have overwhelming critical.
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