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January 3rd, 2013, 17:45
Orphic has posted Update #14 for their Antharion Kickstarter as the enter the last three days. With $17k on the board, they have their sights on the $20k stretch. This update also looks at magic:
Today we're going to talk a bit about magic. In Antharion there are three schools of magic: Black, White and Gray. Antharion's magic system is relatively unique in that each of its spell schools focuses singularly on one thing. Black Magic focuses on harmful spells, White Magic focuses on buffs and restorative spells, and Gray Magic focuses on alterative and illusory spells. This means you won't find any damage spells in the school of White Magic and likewise you won't find any buffs in Gray, etc. Below is a complete list of all of the spells we currently have working. Keep in mind that we will continue adding/refining spells throughout the remainder of development.
Black Magic
  • Firebolt - Hurls a ball of fire at a single target
  • Summon Beast - Conjure a rat to fight for you
  • Curse of Weakness - Increase the target's weakness to physical attacks
  • Poison - Does damage over time to a single target
  • Curse of Sloth - Slows your enemy temporarily lowering his action points
  • Web - Immobilizes the target in a spider's web
  • Life-Tap - Convert some of your life into mana
  • Inferno - Create a huge wall of fire extending out in every direction
  • Ice Bolt - Hurl a shard of ice at a single target freezing it
  • Death Blow - Deals a single devastating blow to an adjacent target
  • Cone of Cold - Freezes all targets within its cone
  • Curse of Magic - Makes the target susceptible to magical damage
  • Poison Cloud - Poison all targets within its radius
  • Summon Demon - Summon an imp to hurl fireballs at your enemies
  • Last Stand - Create a massive explosion killing the caster in the process
More information.
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