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January 3rd, 2013, 18:38
Personally, the versatility of TWF seems more valuable to me than squeezing the last tenth of a point out of average dps (assuming there really is a difference). This coming from the guy with a greataxe barbarian and a great club barbarian… Although Wouldii was more squishy than I liked, he was my best melee killer. If I was going to build a melee killer (not necessarily true dps, but overall killing power), I'd probably put together some sort of TWF fighter build, although I'd try to get crits into the mix which is a little different from what Az did with Rachail.

Simply put, with TWF you can put twice as many effects into play. Paralyze, stun, * burst/blast, disrupt/smite/banish, stone? Have them all without having to change weapon sets in the middle of the fight. Sure, those won't be as helpful against bosses, but there's a whole lot more trash in the game than red names and there's more to DDO than killing Harry in one round. Perhaps it's different in PUGs and solo (which Peter does more than most of us), but being skilled at taking out the trash has more overall value to a party that's working together. Bosses are trivial if the entire party can focus solely on them.

What's the standard strategy? Take out the trash, then focus on the boss. What's the key to making that work? Surviving the beating from the boss while dealing with the trash. Killing the trash quicker means less damage from the boss. Case in point: that last Harbinger quest with the uber mind flayer. Why can't we do it on elite? Not because the boss is tougher, but because we can't deal with the trash (#$%@& beholders) fast enough to be able to avoid the super mind blasts thru buffs or mobility. Drop down to hard and we're suddenly in business (particularly if we've actually solved the mystery of the super mind blast). So what's going to be more useful to the party- tip-top dps, or better killing?
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