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January 3rd, 2013, 20:17
Ahh, that's a shame that you can't get into it.

With the fan made fixes, the controls are pretty much configurable to however you want to set it up on keyboard. However, the console skin remains (which is a little annoying) but there's probably ways to get rid of that already as well.

It took me awhile to get used to not having an outright pause button, but I just configured "escape" for the status menu, E for use object and F for cycling inventory, shift for block. The rest is fairly standard and doesn't take much to get used to.

Another small update:
I decided to change direction after getting soundly whopped at the hands of those ghosts. Remembering I had the key to the depths, I went looking for locked doors and eventually found the one to match the key.

During some long exploration into a weaving sewer system, I was very lucky to endure a couple of nasty fights with mini-capra like, duel wielding dudes. I took my time to minimise falling into a choking or ambush point, but eventually made a mistake in mis-timing a roll, falling into a pit.

Before I could adequately get my bearings, two bulbous eyed frog like creatures set upon my character. I managed to dispose of one, but the other did vicious damage and maimed me to a cursed death.

I then spent the next half hour or so grinding out some souls at half-hit points in the cursed status, aware that I'd need 6000 for a purging stone. That added another dimension of caution to the combat, but in my greed to get to the amount quickly, I fell prey to a triple thief ambush in the lower burg and was cornered by a fatal blow causing blood loss and death.
Ahh, there goes my souls that were lost in the depths…There's a dark irony sometimes to the events you have to endure in this game.

One query:
I've given the smith the Ember and also offered the boss-soul acquired in the Darkroot Guarden, but I have yet to find a weapon seemingly worthy of ascension. I'm guessing this won't happen until much later on?

Well…might try one more time and see if I can reach a bonfire in the depths.
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