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January 3rd, 2013, 21:56
Attack Boost III and Critical Accuracy III are prerequisites for Kensei III.

Khopeshes have 1d8 19-20/x3
With improved critical feat they become 1d8 17-20/x3
Khopesh mastery III increases the weapon to 1d8 16-20/x3

So Khopeshes will crit very often. With 2 weapons you can expect a crit every other round. So 2 GS lit II khopeshes will be awesome against trash.

Overwhelming critical at level 21 will increase the crit to x4 on a roll of 19-20. So khopesh is surely not a bad weapon for dps.

My toon will have decent charisma and human versatility 2. So he can bypass some items with umd around 20 or so. I will carry a cha +7 item and +2 insight charisma. With ship buffs that means cha 28. That is +9 to cha based skill and +9 to all saves when at level 20. That means umd 23. With human versatility and the umd +3 neckclace I can get up to umd 29. Probably more with some buffs from e. g. bards.

I don't expect to be able to cast raise dead scrolls, but I hope to use certain gear with umd limits on (like some greater false life, constitution +6 etc. items I have). There aren't any other skills besides balance and jump I think is worth putting skill points into. If I had been a stalwart defender I would put points into intimidate.

Maybe bluff is a good alternative to umd for skill points. Azraelck can probably answer that. He has bluffed monsters with his fighters.
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