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January 4th, 2013, 00:33
As Dte says, TWF is king of on-proc effects. You have 80% more attacks with a TWF build vs a THF. This means 80% more chances to paralyze, disrupt, blast with a lightning strike, or what-have-you.

THF does more straight damage, and makes much better use of PA (I don't even notice PA on or off my TWF builds). It also makes better use of Cleave and Great Cleave as the higher damage dies of the THF weapons are made much much stronger.

In the end though, you are already heavily invested in Khopeshes. Use them. To push into top-of-the-line THF dps, you need to farm out an Epic Sword of Shadows. I've more than 70 VoN6 completions total, and haven't seen the BASE item drop. Epic Antique Great Axe is easier to get, the base item is common in Carnival chain rewards, and the mats easy enough to farm, but for a Khopesh user, loot gen and Greensteel or Alchemical are the best.

Dte basically has Rachail spot on, she ditched Kensai's greater DPS for the survivability of Stalwart Defender. However, that's because she is horribly under-geared for her level. Fireflash, actually, is much better geared and prepared for epic content than Rachail.

Khopesh is 19-20 normally, 17-20 with IClash. Kensai III pushes that to 16-20, and LD can bump it to an X4 weapon on a 19-20, and combined with O-Crit X5.

I have never actually bluffed anyone with my Fighters. I keep Bluff for Bluff pulling, which causes the mob to come to you without aggroing it's friends. Basically a seductive come hither glance. Let's me mutilate them in peace. Only Aneira can actually bluff someone. Don't play poker with her.

UMD: 11 ranks + 4 Greater Heroism (15) +6 GS CHA skills item (3xPOS is what I use) (21) +3 Golden Cartouche (24) +1 CHA ship buff (25) +1 House P Ship buff (26) +5 epic levels (31) +6 CHA bonus (going by build above w/+6 CHA item) 37, and +1 for spider mask for 38, +1 from Voice of the Master for 39, or no fail level 6 scrolls. Even at 20, 34 is good for reliable level 5 scrolls and the odd level 6 at about 75% or so chance.

Whats more, most of that is easily obtained and used now. If you have the shards, a single-shard CHA skills item is cheap. GH exists on a low-level clicky, or the odd chance Cairii comes a'courting for some dead bodies to experiment on. You'll only be 3 points down from the level 20 cap, or 31.

Skill boost can be used to make up the gap temporarily, and a Bard's Inspire Competence can add 2 more. Later on, add in Inspire Excellence to add 1 more, meaning you can, buffed, run around with a 42 UMD score. This is not mentioning that, as a Fighter, thou can take Skill Focus: UMD without issue, making it easier to reach that magical no-fail heal scroll number.

Shields are massively better post U14/MotU. With the added PRR and Doublestrike helping to make up for the dps loss, they are neither as far behind offensively (though still considerably behind) and now provide meaningful defense.
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