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January 4th, 2013, 17:12
The Hobbit was somewhere around 6.5/10 for me.
I was mostly satisfied with the portrayal of stuff from the book, liked all three main actors in their roles and liked the environmental side of things.
Highlights would probably be the dwarves singing Lonely Mountain and the Gollum sequence.

With few in my book minor exceptions (stone giants, overused main theme), most of the films problems stem from the additional material.
I liked the Rivendell part of the necromancer storyline, but the rest of the setup blew due to plodding tempo and prominently featured over the top character.
The orc storyline Ive found pretty much disposable altogether as it didnt add much depth to a concerned character anyway and it dint fit either stylistically or tonally.
The way both storylines were implemented resulted in a film with 4 beginnings and generally scattered/unfocused feel of its first 2/3 or so, aka rather substantial pacing problems.

Ive seen it in 24 fps, so no comments on 48 or 3D from me (Ive noticed few camera takes obviously directed with 3D in mind, but nothing too distracting).

Im not sure what to expect from the next part, but, positively speaking, I think that after the sloppy beginnings the necromancer storyline might be potentially a neat addition and the generally slower tempo might prove beneficial to the depiction of the core stuff from the book. Im really unconvinced by the worthiness of the orc story though.

All in all, Im glad the books material found its way to the silver screen at least in this form, but so far this is not shaping up quite as well as the LotR trilogy (I think FotR is quite by far the best LotR film though, so theres still some chance Jackson will surprise and even the score with the other two Hobbit films).
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