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January 4th, 2013, 18:33
Owlboy, DataJack, Distance, Barkley 2, Apotheon, Dungeon Dashers, and Banner Saga all are on my radar, out of the big list. The second list below features Overgrowth, Sang-Froid, Underrail, Sir You Are Being Hunted, Cardinal Quest 2 and the new Eador.

And to the hilarious troll with the anti-steam avatar (seriously: LOL), would you prefer a list of the 15 AAA games coming out this year? A string of samey FPS's and TPS's that bring nothing new at all? I'm quite glad that the indie world looks like the Amiga during its heydey on its surface. Tons of interesting ideas, creative gameplay concepts and a plethora of unique art styles.

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