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January 5th, 2013, 04:31
Bastion looks cool from what I've seen of it. However, my mind is once again blown by all the indie games I've found on Xbox Live Arcade. I just downloaded a bunch of games to my hard drive. Everything from retro JRPGs to dungeon crawling and adventure games. All RPGs. Unbelievable.

I bought 2 of them after playing the demos. One is called Brimstone - An Action RPG. This is a Diablo clone. You delve deep into the dungeons, complete quests and slay hordes of monsters while collecting tons of loot. It's very fun if you like Diablo-style games. An absolute steal at 80 MS points.

The second game I bought is just as unbelievable. Dungeons of Desolation. It's a dungeon crawler with extensive loot systems, skill trees, and a ton of Diablo style inventory items, however, the combat happens automatically when you run into an enemy. For an indie game for 80 MS points, it's very in depth with a lot of cool mechanics. Highly recommended if you like dungeon crawlers.

Besides those 2 games I downloaded the demos of about 5 other games that look equally as good. I can't believe how many interesting games I'm finding. I'm just geeking out over here knowing that Xbox Live Arcade is like a gold mine for RPGs. Unreal. I will be spending the next few days sifting through all these games and giving them a shot. For roughly a dollar a piece, you can't go wrong. Although a few I found were 240-400 points, too. Still cheap.

Highly recommend anyone with access to an Xbox 360 to check out Xbox Live Arcade. It's an amazing service.
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