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January 5th, 2013, 10:52
Lighter tone is fine and fits The Hobbit. Crass and juvenile burp competitions, however, clashes heavily with Tolkien - and is something Jackson just can't help himself with. There's an aspect of poor taste that he must have in his movies - and I don't appreciate it in Tolkien material. It would have been fine in some random fantasy romp - but keep it out of where it doesn't belong.

Then there are the core changes to a lot of the more important stuff, like making most of the dwarves into bad caricatures - and turning Thorin into a super action hero like they did with Aragorn, and Bilbo into a lesser action hero towards the end of the film. This clashes just as heavily with the material - and takes away a lot of the interesting issues with the Thorin character who was much more reserved and snobby in the book.

I was never a big fan of the forced perspective solution to making actors appear short - and I think it's worse in this film. The dwarves hardly ever look like dwarves - and Thorin looks like a very tall human 90% of the time. It just doesn't fit with my vision of the story or the characters - as they all need to be much more stocky, especially Bilbo. They made the same mistake in LotR - where only Samwise looked like an actual hobbit.

The only character that seemed to be treated properly was Balin, and they might even have improved upon him. I liked that - but unfortunately it was the exception.
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