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January 5th, 2013, 17:34
Originally Posted by JDR13 View Post
Is M4-78 that small?
It seems quite big (I havenīt played it), but it isnīt a part of TSLRCM (since most of it is fan made content).

I think TSLRCM is, for most of the time, great and pretty much a must on every install, but besides HK factory (which is a big addition and I quite enjoyed playing through it, but imo it doesnīt add much to the core story and somewhat disrupts the endgameīs pacing due to tedious combat), the restored stuff consists of small additions.
I think the modīs biggest selling point are the additions to Malachor V, which, while small in scope, have a quite significant positive effect on the storyline when it comes to giving some closure to the crew, but these certainly werenīt enough to make that section of the game not underwhelming for me (Iīve always liked the final confrontation though) - the planet still feels rushed and unfinished because in the code there simply wasnīt an awesome Malachor V waiting to be restored.

Ok, time to replay the game .
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