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January 5th, 2013, 19:17
I see what you mean about the taste thing DArtagnan, Jackson does have a particular spin to his humor which might not appeal to some.

Originally Posted by DArtagnan View Post
I was never a big fan of the forced perspective solution to making actors appear short - and I think it's worse in this film. The dwarves hardly ever look like dwarves - and Thorin looks like a very tall human 90% of the time. It just doesn't fit with my vision of the story or the characters - as they all need to be much more stocky, especially Bilbo. They made the same mistake in LotR - where only Samwise looked like an actual hobbit.

The only character that seemed to be treated properly was Balin, and they might even have improved upon him. I liked that - but unfortunately it was the exception.
I agree with you there - but I guess I've come to accept it as a limitation with using live actors. The only way I could see them having truly "dwarfy" dwarfs as I've always imagined them would be to use full CGI or actually employ real dwarves (a la Time Bandits). The technology to shrink full-size humans down with special effects is still not convincing. Balin was decent though, yeah.

I think the Rankin & Bass animated vision of the dwarves worked better.
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