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January 5th, 2013, 19:30
It's a movie about Cassandra set after Hawkes story (the ending is referenced), but before the interrogation of Varric (2-3 years span). She get the Book at the end of the movie. It's basically a backstory and what make her tick.

The movie is good if you want to see the inter politics of the Chantry and what Orlais might looks likes. English VA isn't bad, although they didn't take the same actress for Cassandra so the strange German/Franch accent isn't always present. The rest is pure Japanese anime (aka doesn't make much sense…all the stuff is about what Cassandra is). Aka Cassandra is a badass.

Oh and I wish I could kill dragons the way she does it. I suspect her skill is going to be toned down in DA3 *sigh*.
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