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January 5th, 2013, 21:50
Originally Posted by Myrkrel View Post
I agree with you there - but I guess I've come to accept it as a limitation with using live actors. The only way I could see them having truly "dwarfy" dwarfs as I've always imagined them would be to use full CGI or actually employ real dwarves (a la Time Bandits). The technology to shrink full-size humans down with special effects is still not convincing. Balin was decent though, yeah.

I think the Rankin & Bass animated vision of the dwarves worked better.
Yeah, I'm not sure how else they should do it - and it's probably really hard to pull off. But they could at least have the actors made up stocky like they're supposed to be. Hobbits, in particular, are supposed to be fat as a result of their complacency - and they come off more like children than adults because of the actors used to portray them in LotR.

But it's not a big deal - I just found it odd that they went with this look for Thorin, as he literally looks like a very tall man - just like the actor portraying him. It's like they're not even trying.




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