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January 5th, 2013, 21:55
Originally Posted by Sir_Brennus View Post
Repeating an old lie doesn't make it more true. Next you will be saying that Skyrim has a complete new engine, like the Toddler said.

The GECK for FO3 and the GECK for FNV are almost exactly the same. They even use many of the same assets and underlying game systems. Skyrim's Creation Kit has some similarities, but there are many differences, they even created a new scripting language and new underlying systems for dynamic events, as well as optimizations for multicore processors.

A hell of a lot of work went into developing the developer toolkit, game world systems and environment assets for Skyrim. Certainly a lot of work went into developing Fallout New Vegas as well, and they did a brilliant job IMO. However, compared to Skyrim or FO3, not as much work went into developing the toolkit and game systems, as Obsidian was able to hit the ground running by using the existing FO3 engine and many of the same assets. This is why they were able to complete the New Vegas in two years, while it took a larger team four years to develop FO3 and Skyrim.
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