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January 6th, 2013, 00:51
Originally Posted by Sir_Brennus View Post
Repeating an old lie doesn't make it more true. Next you will be saying that Skyrim has a complete new engine, like the Toddler said.

The code of F3 (their Gamebryo iteration) was a mess - and Obsidian had to work with it. It was hard as the bugs indicate. F3 was not a "Working game" - it still crashes more on me than NV.

It's just that Skyrim is a nice place with nothing substantial to do in it. NV is an ugly place with lots of substantial things to do in it.

If you want to compare them, just compare the number of lines in the dialogue with the rebellion leader with one of a plethora of random NPCs in NV. Skyrim is vastly inferior.
Bethesda's Creation engine was just a heavily modified version of Gamebryo. The current game engine is just a heavily modified version of the Gamebryo engine. It was so heavily modified that they thought it deserved a new name. People would rather believe it's a new engine built from scratch when it's not.

There engine was the cause for most errors and design flaws on consoles and the pc. Yet Obsidian gets the blame and Bethesda as usual gets a free pass by the players and reviewers.

Back on topic I love both but personally prefer and had more fun with FNV. As said before opinions differ that's a fact of life everyone.
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