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January 6th, 2013, 16:18
Originally Posted by vurt View Post
FO:NV was far buggier than FO3 though, you could easily tell they were less experienced.
Speak for yourself.
On my old rig I couldn't play FO3 at all, it crashed constantly. FNV on the other hand worked flawlessly since the day 1 and later I didn't spot any annoyance unfixed that can be fixed by those that don't own the engine (I'm talking about Obsidian here, not fans!).

Bethesda's release a bug-o-rama that won't get fixed ever strategy was not discontinued with (heavily modified old) engine used in Skyrim. And for whatever reason, ppl still spit on Obsidian. But I was clear in the first reply in this thread - the only reason why FNV is better than Skyrim is the approach to bugfixing. It's Bethesda who wants to get a bugfixing service from fans - for free.

Don't get me wrong, Bethesda is not the only developer with the "evil" strategy - let fans to do bugfixing for free as there are no millions to earn from that, milk more cash by concentrating on stuff like DLC instead. Akella's Sea Dogs and all it's differently named sequels is another case of the same thing where fans had to polish too many things by themselves.

Shall I widen the story why am I so extreme?
Remember that it was fans who fixed many BG/BG2 bugs and there were/are still fixpacks available out there. Fans' fixpacks. Did those fans ever got payed? No! And then some guys come with so called EE crap that's basically a port to smartphones and want to grab 20$ for that - as one of ppl who actually made some fanfixes in BG2 (for example it was me who fixed "Bodhi doesn't appear" script problem by switching the lines that force the engine to ignore the rest of the script if a bug occurs) I was disgusted and will never buy EE. Nor will ever say that FNV is not better than Bugrim.
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