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January 6th, 2013, 21:24
(Looks confused) Torchlight is a rogue-like?? I thought being turn based was absolutely critical to calling a game rogue-like?

Last Remnant actual lets you play 18 characters at once, spread through up to 5 different groups. The story is all right and the graphics are decent (though some of the in-game cutscenes are rather robotic). Advancement of skills is done by actually using the skills, much like Elder Scrolls.

It's the battle system that is the main draw, though. Telling 18 different characters exactly what to do would take an eon so instead you tell each group what to do in general commands like 'Go heal them' or 'hit that enemy group with magic spells'. The system is actually really deep but the developers cover a lot of that depth up. Lucky for us, the Wikia website digs it out again so those that want to get the most out of it can do so.

That battle system can repel a lot of people, too. Especially at the start when you've only got a few characters in a couple of groups, it can be frustrating when a character that could be doing a healing spell simply doesn't get that option when you want it. Even after the early game, though, being the officer giving command to the troops isn't going to appeal to people who want to be the puppet master that dictates every move each character makes.
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