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January 7th, 2013, 02:08
Originally Posted by fadedc View Post
Thanks for the posts, I haven't booted up my XBOX 360 in months but I may have to take a look now.
No problem. These games are definitely worth a look. I'll try to write some more impressions as I go along to help people who read this decide which games would be right for them.

Let's start with Cursed Loot.

Cursed Loot is fantastic (you'll hear me say that about many of these games). For 80 points it's pretty staggering how much fun this game is. Let's take a look.

The game is a dungeon crawler where you take on hordes of bats, rats, spiders and other things. Sounds simple enough. There is lots of loot to horde, scrolls that do different things, armor, amulets, etc. You gain experience with each kill and you can unlock different abilities and skills as well as put points into various categories that make you stronger in some way.

I've only played for about a half hour but I can already tell you that this game is a blast to play, very addictive and just flat out fun. I'm playing on Normal difficulty and it's quite challenging so far. If you die the game is over so you have to be careful.

The goal of Normal difficulty is to reach level 50 of the dungeon. I'm 6 levels deep in about 15 minutes. I'm a Beserker and there's quite a few different classes/races you can be.

The little touches really make this game shine. There are various traps and pitfalls you have to watch for in the dungeons. Occasionally you'll come across a "?" that starts a text mini-quest. The mini-quest will give you options of how you want to handle the situation, and can reward you with unique encounters and loot depending on how it plays out. Awesome.

I'm loving this game! I can't say enough about it. If you like dungeon crawling RPGs, you must pick this game up!

For one dollar it's a no-brainer. Eyehook Games did a wonderful job.

Fluent's Rating - ***** (5/5 stars)
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