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January 7th, 2013, 13:20
Originally Posted by Wulf View Post
Many graphical issues in vanilla FO:NV can be overcome by becoming familiar with the plethora of available mods. Sure, they came after the fact but today they can make for a seamless game experience. Have not had any drop-outs, no freezes, no klunkyness, no annoying glitches, etc' - the game right now is running as smooth as silk.

It is the direction of gameplay (ie: roleplay) that pulls you into FO:NV, there are many paths to a correct faction alignment solution.

After a full twelve months i had had enough of Skyrim, i don't give in easily but the sandbox effect really hits you in the face.
I installed the most popular mod that supposedly combined all the visual fixes and mesh/texture corrections - and it was still chock full of them.

I've tried to get into it on at least 4 separate occasions - each time fiddling for hours with .ini files and various fixes. Even so, it starts to crash regularly after a number of hours - and it has never been "silky" smooth during prolonged sessions.

Certainly to me, it's the most buggy Bethesda games since Daggerfall - but I know such things are based on subjective experiences.




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