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January 7th, 2013, 16:15
Dart, would it be possible that in fact your gfx card sux?
Seriously, although I'm very emotional when it comes to unfixed bugs, I don't remember being annoyed by stuff you described in FO3, FO:NV or Skyrim. And I didn't touch ini file.

A crash after several hours of gameplay is something I don't care for as it's not that annoying. However, FO3, when initially released, crashed on me every 10-15 minutes. I must admit, they fixed it later. But unbearably frequent crashes didn't appear within FO:NV nor Skyrim on my rig.

My whole point was not to say that one game was buggy more than another when released. Hardly any game is released without bugs. But those bugs do get fixed. Usually.
My point was to say - this game got 99% of bugs fixed soon after it was released, while Skyrim, more than a year after the release, is still in bad shape. But nevertheless, two DLC are already spawned for it. And not some cheap ones.
That's the only thing IMO that makes Skyrim worse than FO3/FO:NV. The customer support. I'm a nitpicking customer and I want to see the game rid of annoyances. Or next time, when they release a game, they should write on the box: "Do not buy if you can't spare at least 10 years of waiting for official bugfixes".
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