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January 7th, 2013, 18:43
Originally Posted by Thrasher View Post
Thanks for the info. 30 FPS is borderline unplayable for me in an action game, and my new laptop is less powerful. Is it easy to turn off if frame rates are too bad?
I have been testing 130 and been very steady at 39-43 fps, higher indoors/dungeons.

Anyhow there are tons of options you can enable or disable to help with FPS. FXAA, SSAA, MSAA, etc. can all be fine tuned. Depth of Field, reflections, bloom, so many effects and many you just set a flag for (true or false). Different ENB's can be more or less demanding.

Also the lighting mods use the creation kit to change lighting so have no major FPS hits and may even improve performance. I like RCRN but Real Light with Customization appears to the most popular.

I found tastes are ALL OVER. So many ENB's and so much depends on personal preference. Even with my current setup which I am keeping I sometimes find DoF annoying … but since I like more than not I keep it.

ENB's can be enabled/disabled in game usually by the SHIFT+F12 command set. RCRN uses PAUSE/BREAK key. Its nice as sometimes a dungeon is two dark so I disable RCNR for a moment, or perhaps an area is two vivid with SoS so I disable that and use RCRN.

Lots of flexibility. Does take a bit of playing, reading, and testing though. For right out of the box I suggest RCRN as it is super easy to use with no performance hit for the most part.

For realism I would suggest Franks ENB which just adds DoF and better shadows and works great with RCRN. SkyRealism vanilla or Cinematic also works well. You can get some great screenshots but these setups tend to be sharper and more vanilla color systems. I like that sometimes but also like the more hazy fantasy color scheme, which I use SoS for.

Honestly I switch around on play sessions depending on mood, however I always use RCRN. I just link up the proxy to either Seasons of Skyrim or Skyrealism Cinematic - my two favorites. I have two folders with all the presets the way I want them so Its a simple matter or remove/add the contents - takes about 3 minutes.

I tend to play mostly SoS/RCRN though as I love the vibrant colors. I also use some other mods that affect a little of the lighting - darker dungeons for ENB, enhanced lights and FX, revamped exterior fog, and interior fog removal.
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