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January 8th, 2013, 15:17
I played it a bit with a friend, and it was, well, garbage, in my opinion. Combat did not feel satisfying, and it was full of bugs. we did not even beat the first level, and I managed to crash twice, and my friend once. During our 3rd attempt at playing, it spawned us at different points in the level, my friend spawned where he was when the game crashed, and I spawned way back, and there was a locked door between us, with no way of us opening it, as the door was supposed to open after a battle that we had already beaten.
From an artistic point of view, it looked pretty nice, though from a technical point of view, it looked like a game from 07 or 08. Sound was pretty nice, apart from the fact that the game forced voice com on us (with no way of turning it off, and no way to set a push to talk key, so the other person had to listen to every sip of tea I decided to take) AND it had this annoying echo effect when you were indoors, which just made using the voice com annoying (we wanted to use an external piece of software for voice com).
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