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January 8th, 2013, 16:02
In update number 6 of the Kickstarter Legends of Dawn (just $1K short of being funded) we are introduced to some of the non-combat parts of the game.

Maps panel shows the world of Narr and areas around Korden's Fall - village where players start the game. Maps panel takes care to display all locations that you have visited so far. It also shows different locations of interest such as inns, god shrines, entrances to dungeons and much more.
During the travel you will find wells. You can refill your water skins in them. Drinking fresh spring water is good way to refill your faith. Beware however, water skins themselves are rare and wells even more so. Remember where they are, you will need them.
In addition there is also a video showing some non-combat gameplay.

More information.
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