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Default Let's play LMK in Wiz8, et al.

January 8th, 2013, 18:54
Realms of Arkania should work great… any female Elf (probably Ice-Elf), a Warrior and a Mage are the perfekt fit and the AI is really stupid so it should work with a party of 3
Level-Limit is 21.

NWN 2 SOZ is perfekt with Kaedrins AddOn:

Female Wood Elf Scout/Ranger with Swift Ambusher, Swift Hunter and Able Learner Feats
Male Human Wizard/Arcane Scholar
Male Human Paladin (maybe Paladin/Fighter/NWN9/Weaponmaster ? my favourite Knight)

Edit for more Powergaming:
Necromancer/Arcane Scholar/Red Wizard for the mage, Cleric/Hospitaler/Warpriest for the Knight or Wizard/Cleric/Mystic Theurge for the Mage, but then you have to mod the Mystic Theurge back in (it's easy if you don't mind that there is no Class-Description at the MT-Class.)

OC and MotB could be played with the SoZ-Edition Mods from Kaldor Siverwand.

And another Edit for NWN1:

The elven Cleric NPC could take the Role of the Lady in the OC and the early Part of HotU and then there is this Mod for a costum Party:


The Drow-Assassin could be the Lady 2.0 in HotU in the later Part of the Game
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