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January 8th, 2013, 22:51
I did pay full price and felt it was worth every penny.

It is a pretty tough game, although I didn't have any trouble with the battle you mentioned I have read on the internet that many people do.

A couple tips, the game is set up for multiple play through so you wont be able to fully develop your character in 1 play through. So don't spread your points out as you wont be able to do enough damage if you do and the game will be much harder.

For instance I played the ranger and didn't put any points in ranged and focused mainly on evasion and melee and still didn't max out either.

I highly recommend evasion so you can go into stealth mode and revive your companions without getting hit. Otherwise if you get hit it stops you from reviving them. Also it give you a very nice sneak attack damage bonus which can take down many enemies in 1 hit or severely weaken them.

Blocking is a must and you will block in 360 degree radius so its effective against multiple enemies, beware bigger foe will hit right through your block. also the roll is you friend and you can roll through enemies which is a huge help. Hit enemy roll through them hit them in the back when they turn around do it again. That's the best way I found to take down bosses.

If you are not playing the mage you can call her to defend you and she will come over and cast her healing shield which will heal you and block all projectiles. If you don't call her she will still cast it but never seems to be at the appropriate time. You can also tell AI controlled players to attack specific enemies. I played pc version so not sure how its handled on xbox but it's essential if you want to use her healing abilities.

When you see the yellow arrow over an enemies head for a critical be sure to hit them quickly as that will kill them out right 99% of the time and give a cool kill animation as a bonus. If you don't get them before the arrow goes away they will be able to take several hits again.

Use shield bash to break there block otherwise that can block all damage.

It was actually a much deeper combat system than I thought it would be. You definitely can't just go in swinging and expect to survive you need to use all your skills and develop your character wisely.

Great game imo.
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