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January 9th, 2013, 00:37
Probably the 2 biggest and most popular ones are TOME and Crawl. Tome is incredibly elegent and ridiculously complex with it's huge number of clases that play very differently, each with massive skill trees. However games can take a long time once you get good enough to survive, and there's a bit less randomization then other roguelikes. Crawl provides a much more contained, faster paced experience where you pop into the middle of a dungeon and immediately start killing, but still has a lot of complexity in it's magic, class, race, and god system (much more then Cursed Loot, but not nearly as much as TOME).

Neither of these games have very good graphics, but if you enjoy Cursed Loot, you'd probably enjoy them. And most importantly they are all free and in constant development.

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I'm not much of a PC gamer these days, but if I get around to it I'll check out some recommendations.

What are some good ones to try?
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