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January 9th, 2013, 00:40
Big problem. Just encountered a game-breaker. Apparently the game decided not to save my dad's progress from the last time we played. Well, it saved some of it, but not the end of it where we progressed to chapter 2. So now when I try to load our saved game, the game says saving is disabled for player 2 because he is further back in the story than player 1.

So, I figured, okay, no big deal, we'll just load his saved game and catch him up to chapter 2. I tried 5 separate times to load his game in single player mode and the game froze each of those 5 times. Great.

So we lost hours of gameplay. The only option is to start a new game. Unbelievable. I knew that weird save system would cause us problems. I read people having this same issue with the game in 2 player co-op mode. So now I don't even want to play the damn thing.

Shame, it was really a fun game. Oh well. I guess I'll let it cool down and we'll start a new game tomorrow or something. Unbelievable though. Why couldn't they just add a normal save system?
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