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January 9th, 2013, 13:34
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Too many people don't know how to properly maintain their systems or what's in them. Ask around, I have and far to often people have no clue. They download all kinds of crap, install and uninstall all kinds of stuff, have no idea what drivers are, etc. etc. Then when a game doesn't work or their pc keeps crashing they blame game developers and pc manufactures.
Players insisted by backing up certain video games that computers have to be connected to the Internet to play games. Including SP games. It is barely possible nowadays to build an unconnected to the Internet gaming system.

The Internet connection is a great cause of instability, forcing on the user all kinds of sideware to try and control what is going in and on. A pipe dream attempt as it is a full time job.

Keeping the drivers updated? Not such a cause of instability.
The Internet connection? The mother of so many troubles.

But players made that choice: for the utility of hosted game libraries, players who want to keep playing SP games are forced by this choice to get their system connected to the Internet.

Not only this connection adds nothing to the game, but it also withdraws from the gaming experience by increasing tenfold the system instability.
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