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January 9th, 2013, 16:04
It was harder than last year when I didn't have to think.

Okay, #1 for me was no brainer, there is a game I've already replayed because it was fun, and in my case it was Risen 2.

#2 was not that easy as there are a few on the list that should go on that place, but I've put XCOM - although it's not really RPG, it was more fun than I've expected, I got Civ5 gratis when I bought it and next DLC will be free - sorry but if IGN reviewers are bought with cash, I was bought with those "bonuses", the only difference is that I don't lie when I say it's a great game.

#3 was again no brainer, without much explaining it's Grimrock. But again #4 I didn't know what to say, except that I think Tome was (is) a disaster. After pondering pros and cons I've voted for Telepath RPG. Why? Because it's flash game which means - dart can't play it on iPad mini. Yes, that's the only reason. I voted for a game just because it can't be played on all smartphones as I find that a positive and brave move. Not because it's unbelievably good or something.

#5 was so hard I can't even explain. I actually can't wait for almost all games on that list. The misfortune continues on #6. So I've closed my eyes, pointed the screen, and turns out I'm eager to see TDE: Demonicon and Nuclear Union. That's true. It's also true that I'm eager to see almost all of them too, but… Well… Can't pick more than a couple.

#7 another no brainer, it's Meriwether. Dunno why but I've fallen in love with that game just from the KS presentation. #8 is Legends of Dawn, I'm not really unpatient to play it, I just want to nitpick and spam on it's official forum where I can go bitching in my own language.
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