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January 9th, 2013, 17:29
I've downloaded this and as in most mods that have voice acting there is some pretty bad voices in here. However, overall the voice acting is at least decent and sometimes very good. This mod adds tons of NPC's and they integrate well with the main game. You'll find a dude that hates Nazeem and just wants to rub elbows with the Jarl in Whiterun, he's crazy and fairly funny. This is not anyone that will give you quests or anything, at least as of now, but just one example of using characters already in the game and branching out.

There are also several quests in the game. In fact, the toughest fight I've ever had in Skyrim is a result of following leads on one of these quests. I end up in a mid-sized room with an accomplished wizard Restoration/Destruction with 3 body guards. All of these characters are of your level and seem to have maxed out their primary schools. The only way I could win the fight was to go outside, and let the guards and townspeople distract the enemies while I picked them off one by one. I have a dragon shout that allows me to summon someone from Sovngarde to help in battle, and I needed all of those folks to stay alive long enough to kill the 4 elite enemies. It was fun! I used resurrect to raise all the NPCs after the fight, just in case any are needed later on. I left the imperial soldiers dead, as they'll respawn anyway. 11 townspeople and guards died so that I could get the next piece of information for this quest
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