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January 9th, 2013, 22:23
Originally Posted by Fluent View Post
I'm probably in the minority but I actually thought Skyrim did a wonderful job making interesting NPCs. I really liked that pretty much every person in the game had at least one interesting thing to say, if not more. That's about as good as I'd expect for a huge game like Skyrim. Of course, if they improve it in the future games I wouldn't mind.
I don't know that you'd be in the minority. I think they did a fine job in vanilla skyrim as well but there's nothing wrong with a bunch more npc's. They are fully voiced as well and I think they did a pretty good job at it. I'm not very picky about voice acting though so other opinions will vary.

I haven't had any technical problems with the mod and had I not already put in 300 hours before installing the mod I wouldn't even know which npc's were mod made and which were original.

Just another example of a great job done by the community. If your playing skyrim on pc and your not playing with mods your really missing out imo. After a vanilla play through of course. I always like to play once the way the developers intended it to be but I don't always make it all the way through before falling prey to some great mod.
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