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January 10th, 2013, 00:08
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You'd actually find that running any quest with even one of us would help you tremendously. At level 7 most of us can run Delera on Elite with a single hireling.
He's not intending that as elitist--once you know the quests, they are FAR easier to run and we've been running them for almost 3 years now. Delera, in particular, we've run dozens of times across many, many toons. When new areas come out or we run quests we usually ignore, we have to be careful or we can have full party wipes, even with characters that are on their 2nd or 3rd life, load up on guild ship buffs, and have excellent gear saved up.

I understand your struggles, though. I tried very hard in the beginning to play DDO as a solo game with a couple of my toons. I'm just anti-social by nature. It really doesn't work out. It would be nearly impossible for a melee type without a pocket healer (cleric hireling) - the self heal from a paladin or ranger simply isn't good enough to get the job done. Az has a couple exploiter builds that do better than most, usually by maxing UMD so he can use healing wands and scrolls, but even those toons have to use certain tactics to have any hope of making it work.

You'll get better dps abilities as you get to higher level. For now, the things you list are pretty much the right things to be doing. Paladins will never be kings of dps (except in a few specific situations), so you're a little limited on that front before you even get started. In a few more levels, you'll get access to more weapons with better effects- greater banes, smiting, disruption, banishing, paralyzing. That's when you can really start racking up some damage. For now, carry a golf bag of weapons with different enhancements (fire, cold, acid, ghost touch, holy, ect) and swap them regularly to take advantage of certain monster weaknesses (using cold weapons on fire elementals, and fire on trolls, and such).

As was mentioned earlier, a character planner is a VERY good idea. DDO will let you do many things with character builds, and most of those end up being bad ideas. "Window shopping" feats and enhancements when you level up will lead to a glorious mess and many times you won't even know what you've missed (if you don't show unavailable, you don't even see feats/enhancements where you missed a pre-req). Spend some quality time with that character planner that Az linked. It's really worth the time you'll spend.
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