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January 10th, 2013, 01:36
Everyone, thanks for your advice so far.

I'll give everything a serious thought. Was under the impression that solo'ing was a very doable thing, even encouraged seeing the sad state of pug groups at the moment. On Thelanis at least.

Going to fiddle around with the provided links and see if I can get some sort of 'quality of life' character going who isn't too gimped.

Originally Posted by Corwin View Post
You'd actually find that running any quest with even one of us would help you tremendously. At level 7 most of us can run Delera on Elite with a single hireling.

He's not intending that as elitist—once you know the quests, they are FAR easier to run and we've been running them for almost 3 years now. Delera, in particular, we've run dozens of times across many, many toons.
No worries, not taken that way. I fear that the gap in power between veterans and first lifers are too wide to bridge and I end up running after everyone doing nothing and in the end, ruining the experience of an adventure.

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