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January 10th, 2013, 10:20
I really like the potential of the Numenera setting. System-wise its got a good core for cRPG, but it's not ideal in and of itself (it is focused on GM-agency and simplicity, neither of which translate 1-on-1 to PC). I already discussed that stuff with the core team and they've got a lot of flexibility.

I'm excited!

Originally Posted by jwmeep View Post
What are the chances of them waiting until October 2013 before doing the Kickstarter? I'd like to see if InExile can produce before I send more money their way.
Honestly? Not too big. inXile has a core team in place right now. Colin, Kevin, Adam, working out the outline, setting up the basics, but as it rolls into pre-production they need more writers, concept artists, etc., even before Wasteland 2 is finished. That all costs money. inXile has some of its own revenues but not a lot and they absolutely refuse to take a cent from Wasteland 2's budget (naturally). If it was feasible I think they'd wait until Wasteland 2 is out, but that would only be possibly by firing Colin, Kevin, Adam and putting the project on hold until then, and then try to get the team back together and start from pre-production. As Brian explained, that's just not an ideal way of doing things.

You're right to be concerned and I don't think anyone can object if you go "I'll wait and see for Wasteland 2 before pre-ordering", but at the same time they're stuck between a rock and a hard place when it comes to budgeting and project planning. They do need to do this or create a very unfavorable project rollover environment.
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