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January 10th, 2013, 16:11
I'd like to point out that in the DDO forums there's every now and then a great debate over the Cleric class - seen by many who came from other MMOs merely as a "healer class", but failing to see that they also have "turn undead" and can do pretty good damage angeans undead ones anyway (although I can't say about Raids).

There is a number of Clerics and Favoured Souls out there who just hate merely being seen as "pure healers", and on the other hand there are also players out there who zerg off - far, far ahead of the group - get killed, and then angrily ask why they weren't healed (and that although they should have realized that they had been far too fast for any Healer to catch up !) - and then just ragequit.

The "Triade" Haler-Tank-DPS does exist, but not as a Kaste, not as something etched into stone, so to say. Almost all of the classes are able to do much more that what they are supposed to do (from he view of other classes), the onl real exceptions are -

- Fighters & Barbarians not having any self-heal options, unless you take an Halfling or a "splash" of another class
- Rogues & Artificers being the only ones who can disarm traps (Clerics & Barbarians can at least detect them s well, due to skills/spells)

But I must say that I really don't know much about Bards and Druids.

Rangers are imho the most versitile class - like a kind of Swiss Army Knife - but they have imho their disadvantages (spelling ?), too.
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